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The Voice S12E27 – The Final Performances

THE FINAL FOUR PERFORMANCES ARE FINALLY HERE. This season has brought some amazing performers and it has all come down to this. Tonight, Lauren Duski, Aliyah Moulden, Jesse Larson, and Chris Blue performed their hearts out before tomorrow night’s crowning of the season 12 winner.

Tonight each artist is performing an original song that they wrote specifically for tonight, a cover (per usual Voice performances), as well as a duet with their coach! (I will link the performances for the duets down below, but I think it’s more important to talk about their solos.)

Aliyah Moulden is up first performing her original song, “Never Be Lonely.”


Because of the set up of this performance, and a little bit of the background beat I thought of a song from Hairspray. But this type of upbeat, teen pop style music is perfect for Aliyah and I think overall it was a great performance.

Jesse Larson is next performing “Takin’ It To The Streets.”


This is the kind of music that I see Jesse making for an album. A mixture of a few different genres in one, also allowing him to rock out on his guitar. Speaking of, that guitar solo was amazing!

Chris Blue and Alicia Keys duet of “Diamonds and Pearls.”


Lauren Duski performs “The Dance.”


Ballads are obviously Lauren’s signature and better for her to show off her voice in different ways. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with a performance from Lauren. And… I’m gonna say it… I think she might actually win the whole thing.

Aliyah Moulden  and Blake Shelton duet of “Dancing in the Street.”


Chris Blue is next performing his original song, “Money on You.”


He’s definitely going for that sexy heartthrob persona. I’m getting a mix of Bruno Mars, Miguel, and maybe even a little Justin Timberlake? I don’t know how I feel about the song, but it is a good performance.

Jesse Larson and Adam Levine duet of “Let’s Go Crazy.”


Lauren Duski and Blake Shelton duet of “There’s a Tear in My Beer.”


Jesse Larson is up next performing his original song, “Woman.”


I really enjoyed this performance, and I really like the song. It’s perfect for Jesse’s style and his voice; very beautifully sung, and another opportunity for him to show off his guitar skills.

Aliyah Moulden performing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”


I find it so intimidating that she is so much younger than I am and can sing that amazing. She shines more through songs that are upbeat and energetic because of how powerful her voice is. This was a great performance from Aliyah and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves in the end.

Lauren Duski is next performing her original song, “Deja Vu.”


Okay, so, I really love this song and it just might be on repeat for the rest of the week. She has this amazing talent of telling a story through her performances and being able to just connect with these songs; it is absolutely amazing.

The final performance from tonight is Chris Blue performing “Rhythm Nation.”


I enjoyed this performance a lot ore than his others. So much energy and some pretty cool dance moves to go with it. I’m impressed, but also kind of bummed he saved this for his last performance on The Voice, but hey, I guess you have to go out with a bang right?

That’s it for tonight’s performances! Be sure to cast your votes for your favorite performers because TOMORROW NIGHT a winner will be crowned.

Who do you think it will be?

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