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The Voice S12E21/S12E22 – Who made it to the Top 10?!

Last night the Top 11 contestants performed their hearts out for America’s votes, followed by another elimination night tonight. By the end of the night, one person was sent home… so, who made it to the Top 10?

(These are in the order that was announced by host, Carson Daly. The link is to their performances from last night since college work got ahead of me and I missed last night’s episode. SORRY Y’ALL).

Lauren Duski, from Team Blake


Lauren has done pretty great this season and has yet to disappoint me.┬áLast night, she performed “Somewhere in my Broken Heart” and it was amazing!

Jesse Larson, from Team Adam


I have actually been very impressed by Jesse’s last couple performances. Last night, he performance “Human”, and it was actually one of my favorites from the whole night.

Chris Blue, from Team Alicia

*so his performance was not on the YouTube channel, but I’m sure it was great, and he’s in the Top 10!*

Brennley Brown, from Team Gwen


Last night, Brennley performed “River” and it was absolutely amazing. I really hope to see her in the finale because her voice is just so beautiful.

Aliyah Moulden, from Team Blake


I am still impressed by how powerful Aliyah’s voice is for how young she is. She gave an awesome performance of “Take It Back”, I think she’s found the style music she likes. I am rooting for her not only for her voice, but because she’s from my hometown, and that would be awesome if she made it to the finale!

Lilli Passero, from Team Adam


Lilli performed “Town Without Pity”. Wasn’t my favorite performance, but still good.

Vanessa Ferguson, from Team Alicia


Last night she performed, “Diamonds” and it was really good. I could definitely see that she takes after Coach Alicia a little bit.

Hunter Plake, from Team Gwen


I’ll be honest, I thought Hunter was going to be one of the performers this season that I did not like, but I have actually grown to really like him. His performances are always so amazing and vulnerable, so much passion, and I love them. He gave an amazing performance of “All I Want.”

TSoul, from Team Blake


I am so surprised he wasn’t announced as being safe earlier. TSoul performed “Lay Me Down”, and oh my goodness, it was amazing.

This left Mark Isaiah, from Team Adam, once again in the bottom two, alongside, Stephanie Rice, from Team Alicia. (linked below are the InstantSave performances, but you can check out their performances from last night at YouTube.com/NBCTheVoice.)



During the commercial break, viewers got the chance to vote for which artist they wanted to keep to continue on to the Top 10, and America chose to save… Mark Isaiah, from Team Adam!

Next week, join us as we watch the Top 10 perform and battle it out for your votes!

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Marissa Ramirez
Marissa Ramirez
College student who loves binge watching shows on Netflix, and The Voice. Follow my life on Instagram: Marissarami_

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