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The Voice S12E18 – Live Playoffs Night 2!

Here we go for night 2 of  the Live Playoffs! Tonight we will see performances from Team Gwen and Team Adam as they battle it out for the remaining 6 spots in the Top 12.

Tonight’s show will run similar to last night’s episode; Team Gwen will perform first, followed by Team Adam, and at the end of the show, we will find out which 2 contestants were voted by America to stay in the competition. It is then that Gwen and Adam will each get to choose 1 person of the remaining contestants to continue on to the Top 12.

First up, from Team Gwen, we have Johnny Gates, who is actually Gwen’s comeback artist, performing “Hands to Myself.”


Johnny put his own spin to this song, and it is actually really good. It reminded me of those Rock albums that do covers of Pop songs, his voice would be perfect for that. He has great energy throughout the whole performance, and even Alicia compliments him on it.

Next up we have Troy Ramey performing “A Case of You”


Almost immediately, his voice reminded me a little bit of John Legend’s. It was a simple, kind of vulnerable performance, something we are not totally used to seeing from Troy. It is one of my favorite performances between all the performances we’ve seen so far from the Live Playoffs.

Quizz Swanigan is next performing “My Girl.”


I’m getting similar performance vibes… TSoul wore an almost identical suit last night, and similar style song…. but anyways, Quizz does give an impressive performance with this song. For someone so young singing an older song, it’s not always easy, but he did a great job.

Next we have Brennley Brown performing “Fly.”


Brennley has the usual country singer voice, but it is still a very pretty voice, and there is something unique about it. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly. Another favorite performance of mine from the Live Playoffs… truly amazing!

JChosen is next performing “Nothing Compares 2 U.”


Now, JChosen has a lot of pressure on him because he’s performing a Prince song, and when I first heard that I was scared for him. I am amazed by how great this performance is. This song was perfect for him to perform tonight, and he truly gave it his all and did not disappoint.

The final performance from Team Gwen is from Hunter Plake performing “Elastic Heart” 


Another change to the tempo of a hit song, but it definitely matches Hunter and his personality. Overall, it was a great performance, and I very much enjoyed it. Adam praises Hunter, and tells him how great of a singer he is!

It is now Team Adam’s turn to perform! First up we have Johnny Hayes performing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”


The second night of performances, in my opinion, is a lot better than the first night. (Sorry Team Blake and Alicia). Johnny has so much energy on stage, and it went with this song so perfectly. It is a great performance, if he stays in the competition, I would love to see him perform more songs like this.

Next from Team Adam we have Hannah Eyre performing “Skyscraper.”


Personally, I do not think that Hannah has the right voice to hit those lower notes, BUT the higher notes she was able to hit. Unfortunately, I don’t think this was the right song to perform at this point of the competition. It’s wasn’t terrible… but it also wasn’t my favorite, which is disappointing because I do think that Hannah has such a great voice.

Josh West is up next performing “More Than a Feeling.”


See now this is the perfect example of having the right song choice for a performance. Josh sang this song pretty much flawlessly, aside from some possible technical issues that snuck in, but still great. Adam, without hesitation, even calls Josh a badass!

Taking the stage next is Mark Isaiah performing “All Time Low.”


Mark definitely has that ‘heartthrob’ look to him, and the girls very much enjoy him. This performance was actually pretty good, and I was impressed by how well he performed this song. Adam pretty much begs the viewers to give him more time to work with Mark so that he can make him “the best version of himself.”

Next up is Lilli Passero performing “It’s Too Late.”


I actually really like this performance. Lilli has a very beautiful voice, and the song choice was perfect for her style. It was a very classical, yet powerful, song, and she sang it so effortlessly.

The final artist from Team Adam is Jesse Larson performing “Sir Duke.”


Certainly last, but not least! This was a great performance from Jesse, vocals, stage presence, everything. I think it was a great performance to bring the show together again at the end. Adam described it as the “best vocal of the night”!

It is now the end of the show, and the results are in for Team Gwen!

Carson reveals that Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake are the two that America voted to keep in the competition. Coach Gwen decides to keep Troy Ramey!

Then its time for the results for Team Adam!

Carson reveals that Jesse Larson and Lilli Passero are the two that America voted to keep in the competition and Coach Adam chooses to keep Mark Isaiah in the competition!

Just like that, we have our Top 12 contestants! We are a week closer to seeing who the winner of The Voice is going to be…

Any guesses???

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