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The Voice S12E17 – Live Playoffs Night 1!

Tonight is the first night of the Live Playoffs! Similar to past seasons, during this round of performances, each coach has the opportunity to bring back any artist of their choice that was previously eliminated to perform during the Playoffs.

The results of tonight’s show are voted in real time, through Twitter and The Voice app, which will lead to a results segment at the end of the show, sending 6, of the 12 contestants that performed, home.

Tonight, only contestants from Team Blake and Team Alicia will be performing, making it a little easier for us to keep track of who’s eliminated and who is safe to compete in the Top 12!

The first performer tonight is Casi Joy, from Team Blake, performing “Parachute.”


Casi gives a pretty great performance, and has great stage presence. Something seems a little off to me, but I can’t tell if its her performing, or just the way the sound is coming through my devices (because I do watch each performance twice, once on Live television, and second through YouTube, with headphones in and volume full blast). But overall, it is a great performance, and Blake applauds Casi by how much energy she gave and how “accurate” the performance was.

The second performer tonight is Felicia Temple, who was Blake’s choice to bring back to perform during the playoffs. Felicia is singing “Defying Gravity.”


Personally, I do not think that this was the best song choice for Felicia to perform for her “comeback” performance, and it might have hurt her more than helped her. Not that it wasn’t a good performance… it just could have been a lot better considering the circumstances that she was performing tonight. Blake still described it to be an incredible performance.

Next up we have, Aaliyah Rose, from Team Blake, performing “Brass in Pocket.”


Now this song, was perfect for Aaliyah during this point of the competition. It really showed her personality on stage and showed everyone the different notes her voice can hit. Blake describes it as her best performance yet, and I could not agree more.

TSoul, from Team Blake, is next performing “Knock on Wood.”


Just the first minute of the song is amazing on its own, he doesn’t even need to continue on with the rest of the song. If he gets eliminated tonight, there will be issues, because that was just too amazing not to keep him in the Top 12. His stage presence and the way he interacts with the crowd is just amazing to watch.

Next from Team Blake is Aliyah Moulden performing “Mercy.”


An older song, but almost perfect for Aliyah’s voice. It is also obvious how much fun Aliyah had performing this song. She’s so cute and adorable but also a “firecracker” as Blake described her.

The final contestant performing from Team Blake is Lauren Duski, singing “Someone Else’s Star.” 


I got some Celine Dion vibes from this performance, but also some real country vibes. It is a great performance all around, very simple, yet impressive, and perfect for Lauren. Blake assures Lauren that after this performance, she is going to receive a lot of support from country music fans.

First up tonight from Team Alicia is Chris Blue performing “Love on the Brain.”


At first, I was a little worried about the higher notes in this song, and how Chris was going to approach them, but then I remembered how amazing his falsetto is. He hit those notes without any issues. Chris puts so much passion into this performance, I’m just sitting here in amazement honestly. Gwen described his performance to be mesmerizing.

Next up we have, Anatalia Villaranda performing “Stand by Me.”


This was a great performance from Anatalia, but she had so much energy during it that I kind of wish she had a more upbeat song. The energy she was giving off was a little too much for the song she was singing, so if she sang one that was a little faster, I would have enjoyed it more.

Alicia’s comeback artist Jack Cassidy is up next performing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”


Overall it is a good performance, but similar to Felicia’s, I think that a better song could have been chosen to really show off what they have. They were brought back by the coaches for a reason, so they should really prove why they deserve to stay. Jack does hit some good notes, and its not a terrible performance, but it didn’t necessarily blow me away either.

Vanessa Ferguson is next performing, “Lean on.”


The rendition she sang of this song surprised me because it is pretty much the complete opposite to the original song. This was a great performance, and I can’t be the only one who was amazed that these were the actual lyrics of the song right????

Next up from Team Alicia is Ashley Levin performing, “I Can’t Stand the Rain.”


This was the perfect song for Ashley to sing, just the right amount of soulful, rock, and country all put together. Alicia had nothing but nice things to say to Ashley for this performance.

The final contestant from Team Alicia is Stephanie Rice performing “Every Breath You Take.”


Stephanie is a great singer, but this week I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the performance. I feel like her voice is meant for more rocker, upbeat songs, and if she does a slower song like this it needs to be approached a different way. But hey, I’m not a coach or contestant on the show, so who knows what I’m talking about.

Team Blake is first up to get the results and Carson Daly shares that Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden are the two with the top votes and moving on to the Top 12. Then it is up to Blake to decide who of the remaining four he wants to save. Ultimately he decides to keep TSoul in the competition. (Thank goodness)

From Team Alicia, Carson reveals that Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson are the two with the top votes and will be moving on to the Top 12. Then Alicia chooses to keep Stephanie Rice in the competition!


That’s it for the first night of playoffs! Be sure to join us tomorrow as we watch Team Gwen and Team Adam battle it out for the final spots in the Top 12!


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