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The Voice S12E02 Recap

Last night we welcomed 8 contestants from the Blind Auditions to move on to the Battle Rounds! Each of our coaches, Blake, Alicia, Gwen, and Adam welcomed members to their teams, and are eager to begin night 2. Tonight’s episode did not have as many contestants make it through as yesterday did, but they are still just as amazing and have an equal chance in this competition. Let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into tonight’s contestants.

Savannah Leighton“Unconditionally”

Started off a little shaky, but I blame the nerves, she still has an amazing voice. I almost thought she wasn’t going to get a chair turned, but Blake comes in for the rescue! Savannah is clearly relieved of this, but it is at the last second that Gwen pushes her button! Who’s ready for this couple to brawl it out?! They do not disappoint either, with Adam as a narrator, if Blake lands Savannah on his team, he “might be sleeping on the couch tonight.” Gwen attempts to pull the girl-card saying that Savannah should not be intimidated by her and that she believes they can really get along. When it comes down to it, Savannah chooses to join… Team Gwen!


Aliyah Moulden “Hound Dog”

Almost immediately a version of this song that is not common, but very impressive for such a 15 YEAR OLD. Blake is the first to push his button for the group, with Alicia and Gwen following not too far after. ALSO SIDE NOTE: I’m going to take a moment to show some major love for this girl because she is from my hometown of La Habra, CA. SO PROUD! Adam is the only one who didn’t push his button, but he says that he hopes she doesn’t choose Blake, shocker. Alicia does her usual, lowkey, but still amazing speech and Gwen uses her “I was once a young girl…” speech, but ultimately Aliyah chooses to join… Team Blake!


Autumn Turner“Last Dance”

All the coaches are immediately impressed, but Adam is the first to push his button! Autumn has such a strong voice and just continues to sing the song so effortlessly. Gwen is next to push her button, alongside Alicia and Blake making it a four-chair turnaround… and just before Autumn lets out this note that is just amazing, and a great way to end the performance. Adam claims that she could easily win the whole show. Each of the other coaches give their usual pitch, Adam says he will do anything to get her on his team, and Alicia claims to just want what’s best for her. Ultimately, Autumn chooses to join… Team Alicia!


Lilli Passero “A Love of My Own”

She has such a sweet voice, more of an Alicia Keys’ style voice, maybe with a little bit of Amy Winehouse even, I could be totally wrong about that. Blake pushes his button and seems very proud of it, but it does not take long for Gwen and Alicia to join and almost immediately crush his dreams. Awkward moment when Lilli says that she’s waited on Gwen before at a restaurant in Studio City, and Blake tries to throw Gwen under the bus. But fear not, because Alicia completely blows everyone away and serenades Lilli in an attempt to get her on her team. This song is so put together, and is sung so perfectly by Alicia you would think that she has practiced this song for months now. Well, it comes as no shocker when Lilli chooses to join… Team Alicia!


Jesse Larson “Jealous Guy”

Guitar playing fella, and the song is already so perfect for his style and personality. Adam and Blake naturally start lip-syncing along with Jesse, and it is not long before Adam pushes his button. I am so amazed by this guy’s performance, and his guitar playing makes it so much better. Crazy thing is, Adam is the only person to push his button, and although he is very happy about that, he seems so surprised that none of the other coaches pushed their buttons, and I actually am too. I thought for sure Blake would join in on the fun. So of course, Jesse has joined… Team Adam!



Well that’s a wrap on tonight’s performances! Here is where the teams stand after tonight:

Team Blake: Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown, and Aliyah Moulden

Team Alicia: Anatalia Villaranda, Felicia Temple,  Autumn Turner, and Lilli Passero

Team Gwen: JChosen (Joshua Hunter), Stephanie Rise, and Savannah Leighton

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes, Mark Isaiah, Jesse Larson


Be sure to check out www.youtube.com/thevoice for more videos and behind the scenes look!


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