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The TV Week That Will Be: 19/06/2010-25/06/2010

Hola peoples and welcome to another edition of TTWTWB! As always I am here to bring you the best and worst of new shows hitting the schedules, as well as a look at the last week of television and if things go to plan, usually a bit of bitching about Bryan Kirkwood. We’ll get kicked off this week with a theme taken from the ever faithful Holby City. It’s Beck with ‘Lost Cause’.


What an unbelievable week of cliffhangers it has been! With CSI: New York, CSI and Stargate: Universe all coming to an end, we were treated to three unbelievably tense finales, each ending with a massive question mark over what would be happening when the show recommences.

PhotobucketEd Furlong as Sean Casey

CSI: New York was first off on Saturday evening, and featured the return of Ed Furlong as the psychotic Sean Casey. Furlong was one of the many child stars of the late 80s/early 90s period who went off the rails during his teens, but it now seems things are back in order and that he has developed into a fine actor. Portraying the brooding, maniacal loose cannon with aplomb, Casey hunted down Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and held him at gunpoint. Typical CSI quick thinking caused him to fall from the top of a lighthouse (it made more sense than it sounds) and it seemed that Sean Casey had finally been stopped. Not so fast though as Danny was roused to attend to his daughter, only to find Casey in his daughter’s room. The screen faded to black and a gunshot rang out as the credits rolled. CSI is never straight forward, so I’m sure there will be some twist to events, but we’ll have to wait until the next series!

PhotobucketLawrence Fishburne as Ray Langston

On Tuesday night we were treated to a double header of cliffhangers. CSI concluded the ‘Dr Jekyll’ storyline as they finally caught up with the deranged killer, thanks to help from another serial killer who was introduced at the same time as Ray Langston, Nate Haskell. In a seemingly unrelated event, earlier in the episode we had seen Haskell break his glasses, perhaps deliberately. The reason for this became clear when Langston went to see Haskell following the apprehending of Dr Jekyll. As he turned to leave, Haskell grabbed Langston and stabbed him repeatedly with a sharpened earpiece from his glasses. CSI producers have been very careful to keep what happens under wraps, ensuring a tense wait for the next series to begin!

Also on Tuesday was the conclusion of Stargate: Universe, which involved the most tense cliffhanger of all. With the Lucian Alliance taking Destiny following a botched plan to overpower the insurgents, the episode finished with both Scott and Greer apparently stranded outside the ship with a deadly wave of radiation about to hit, TJ left with a bullet wound and the Military members of the crew about to be executed. The tension of the seige and deadlock in the last two episodes of the series was through the roof, and I really can’t wait until October when the show returns, which is something I so rarely say about any series.

Of course the three shows ending means we have the terrible post-ending dip in quality, meaning it’ll be a few weeks before quality replacements make air. At least we have the outstanding Lie to Me and Dr Who (the Vincent Van Gogh episode was absolutely stunning) to keep our attentions in the meantime!

Finally I wanted to do another ‘brief’ discussion of the Soaps. Emmerdale threatens to wobble, largely due to Nathan threatening to become a panto villain and the fact they seem to have turned Doug into Eeyore, but for the most part remains solid and grounded in relative reality. Coronation Street has found it’s balance again after the frankly stupid Gail and Tony parallel stories, however we’re once again suffering from the Soap Writer’s need to mess around with relationships, throwing ANOTHER spanner in the works for Peter and Leanne. We’re also due more Tracey Barlow, which means more Cheshire Cat teeth flashing from Kate Ford and another moustache twirling villain, as well as ‘big’ storylines promised which means explosions and infidelity usually. Eastenders actually showed me a few encouraging sparks this week, some decent narrative threads being established meaning characters and plots have a bit of depth, but with it rapidly becoming The Mitchell Show and Lucas’ formerly cleverly written conflicted character going full on, balls to the wall pyscho with no justification (and more painting of religion as evil), those sparks were quickly dimmed.

But enough seat of the pants television, time to sit back and watch our backsides grow with a look at what this coming week has to offer! As discussed, we’re in the post series-ending lull, so that combined with the World Cup coverage means things are thin on the ground, but we have two highlights and one horror of a lowlight for you!

The Album Chart Show Spotlight returns as our first highlight, which is great news for music fans after the (very disappointing) end of I’m a Rock N Roll Star as we’ll get more airtime given to the bands and artists who are currently on top of the heap. Channel 4 really is top dog when it comes to music coverage at the moment (although I’m still yearning after The White Room), because other than Later with Jools Holland, which is probably the best quality wise, nobody else is giving us regularly scheduled music shows with a broad appeal. Give this one a look!


Our second highlight is one of Five’s lesser exhibited jewels in the crown from the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s not top notch. A short lived series, only 11 episodes ever made, K-Ville is a gritty, urban crime drama with the kind of black humour that only the US can provide. Obviously due to it’s short run it’s never going to get up there with the CSI and Law and Order franchises in terms of popularity, but I highly recommend this having watched it’s initial run on Five USA, and hope that the New Orleans based show gathers the same cult following it has in it’s homeland.

For our lowlight this week, I turn things over to MultiMediaMouth’s head honcho Eoin, for his in depth analysis.


So Eoin, what can you tell us about the documentary series Being N-Dubz?

“Hey kids, here’s an easy way to be N-Dubz; Take drugs, get dumped by your pregnant girlfriend and say you lie to the police!”

Succinct ain’t he?! Many a true word spoken in jest though, and I honestly fail to see the merit in giving these people more coverage.

But that about does me for the week! Send any feedback to me at chris@multimediamouth.com or in the comments below, keep your eyes peeled for One Word Comic Reviews and other great stuff which will be popping up all the time, and remember to always stay safe!

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