The Rise Of Spotify Is Being Made Into A TV Series

Spotify has risen to be the largest music streaming platform on the internet with 96 million users. While it may not be profitable, it still has the largest subscribers. Apple Music has 56 Million users.

Now, the rise of Spotify is being made into a TV series called Spotify: Untold. The TV Show will be based on the a new book about Spotify of the same name. The production company called Yellow Bird UK has acquired the rights to produce the TV show.

Spotify Untold is the ultimate tale of achieving the impossible and unimaginable,” said Berna Levin, executive producer at Yellow Bird. “A modern-day David vs. Goliath set in the dynamic arena of the music industry, this is the true story of youth challenging the establishment. With reality trumping fiction at every turn, we will explore one of the greatest and most surprising technological advancements of our time.” (Hollywood Reporter).

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