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The Mixtape Mouthoff 11/05/2011

Welcome to the Mixtape Mouthoff, where every week I guide you through the treacherous musical rainforest to show you three unknown and beautiful creatures. This weeks band accidentally all ended up being animal related, with bees, porcupines and leprechauns being on the Mixtape this week. It’s more like a zoo than a music article this week!


First band up this week is Porcupine (www.porcupineband.com), a collection of 3 veterans of the Midwest music scene headed by Casey Vrock (formerly of Space Bike), alongside bassist David Reinders, who had some minor success over here in the UK, getting to number 27 in the UK singles chart and receiving airplay by legendary DJ John Peel.

This may be an acquired taste, but if you like a track with a heavy bassline then this is for you. From their 2009 album “The Trouble With You”, available on iTunes and the like, this is Dead Mint Club.


Jake and The Leprechauns

Mulch-instrumentalists Jake and The Leprechauns (www.jakeandtheleprechauns.com) recently won the Independent Music Awards for best alternative country single, and this band from Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada certainly deserve that accolade. With an amazing blend of folk and indie pop, Jake and The Leprechauns have a  fantastically relaxing sound, topped off with the great voice of Charles-Antonie Gosselin.

Off their 2010 album “At Midnight the Birdsong”, and available to download for free from the band’s bandcamp page, www.jakeandtheleprechauns.bandcamp.com, this is “Busy Bee”.


Julie Ann Baenziger

The last singer is Julie Ann Baenziger, a multi-instrumentalist who goes under the name ‘Sea of Beas’. A self taught musician and singer, the Sacramento native has a very simplistic sound, but through that simplicity comes a beautiful masterpiece both musically and lyrically which can very easily challenge the Adeles and Ellie Gouldings of this world.

This track is off her debut album “Songs For the Ravens” which is available for download from iTunes and the like now, this is “Wizbot”.


If you like what you heard, just click that little MP3 button on the right and pick up yourself one of these albums, you won’t be disappointed. As always if you want to get in contact to suggest a track there’s the comment section down below, you can e-mail ant@multimediamouth.com or even tweet @antonyheald.

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