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The Mixtape Mouthoff 01/10/2011

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years. Rockin’ my peers and putting suckas in fear…what? I just happen to be a white boy who knows his rap.

Welcome back to the Mixtape Mouthoff, where after a brief hiatus the tape is being shoved back into the player with 3 awesome tracks for your audio pleasure.

Parachute Musical

The first band up today are Parachute Musical (www.parachutemusical.com). Formed in Maryland in 2003 by lead singer and pianist Josh Foster who teamed up with childhood friend, guitarist Tom Gilbert and Gilbert’s workmate and drummer Ben Jacoby (who was in The American Originals Fife and Drum Corps, which is something you must Google just to see the ridiculousness!)

The band moved to Music City in 2007 and started to gain momentum, releasing their 2nd album “Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Time”, adding bassist Andrew Samples, touring for most of 2008 and 2009 and finally releasing an EP in 2010 called “No Comfort” which contains the song Drop Me A Line.

This song really encapsulates what I like about this band, it’s a piano driven indie rock song that is not only upbeat but just a really awesome tune which will rattle around your skull for days (in a good way). So without further ado, from the aforementioned EP No Comfort which is available from iTunes and the like. This is “Drop Me a Line


Courage My Love

Kevin Smith isn’t known for his musical tastes, more so comics and pot, but by backing Courage My Love he has definitely shown that he has good taste.

Courage My Love (www.ilovecouragemylove.com) are a young band from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada formed by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn joining forces with bassist David Blake-Dickson to create an fantastic pop punk band. At just 17 the ability of Phoenix on the drums and guitar skills of Mercedes are frighteningly good and highly depressing for this 19 year old who can barely play Smoke on the Water. There is an easy comparison to make with Paramore due to the female led vocals but CML are much better in my opinion.

They have an EP coming in October and have released this track for free on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/couragemylove/barricade) to whet your appetite. This is “Barricade”.


Sean Hayes

The last track today is this sensational song from singer-songwriter Sean Hayes (www.seanhayesmusic.com). This is a song from the New Yorker that you get lost in, like all his music it is just a pleasure to listen to.

I can talk about him having over 20 years experience playing or talk about how his simplistic set up creates this incredible texture while it mixes with his voice that just creates an audio masterpiece but the music speaks for itself as only 20 seconds into the track you’ll see for yourself just how fantastic Sean Hayes is.

From his 2010 album Run Wolves Run this is “Garden”.

Thank you very for reading and as always if you want to get these tracks they are available via the Amazon link to your right and through iTunes and the like. If you have any comments on these tracks or have a suggestion for a future Mixtape then leave a comment down below.

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