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The Fall of One Game and the Rise of Another

In the wake of EA pulling the plug on one Star Wars game last week, there is still hope for another, possibly better Star Wars game coming out this year!

EA still owns the rights to Star Wars. I’m just as surprised as you are honestly with all they have done with Battlefront as a series. However, I would recommend giving Battlefront 2 another look as EA has made it quite more fun to play but that is an article for a different day.

Today we are focusing on the fact that we lost another Star Wars game being made by EA last week (originally Visceral Games before they went under). This game has now been shelved by EA.

However, I believe this is a positive because now EA has the time to give all those resources previously being used on the last game and send them to another Star Wars game. A new game is being made by another great studio called Respawn Entertainment. If you are not familiar with them, they are the creators of the incredible, fast paced game Titanfall.

Respawn is currently working on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Now, little is known about the story besides the rumors. The current rumor is that it is set to take place in the aftermath of Revenge of the Sith and focus on a surviving Padawan.

Now, this to me sounds awesome. I’ve always wondered what happens to some of the more run of the mill Jedi who were just doing their duties. I could imagine that seeing Star Wars through the eyes of a Padawan, especially during this point in the history of Stars Wars, would be quite the dark game.

It’s set to be a smaller game in scale, which means a lot less open world and more focus on a level base world. I’m totally okay with that because it reminds me of all the great Stars Wars games we had that were similar growing up. For instance, we could get a game in the same vein as Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Which is a great Star Wars game that you can even play now on the PS4.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is set to release (hopefully) sometime in November and from the little we know about it, it looks to be quite a great game. Hopefully EA can give us something worth our time.

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