The Essential Bucket List

Some things just have to be done before you die. Most of us have some kind of crazy, no strings, money doesn’t matter to do list planted strongly in our heads. What would be your top ten if you were told you had only a few years left to live? MultiMedia Mouth’s Matt Chappell gives you his.

1. Travel the world

Time to leave the couch behind, pack the bags and let the world know what it’s missing. Set foot in Aussie land; go diving and explore the water world of the Great Barrier Reef. Some say ‘no risk, no fun’. We say spend 24 hours in the Amazon Rainforest, alone. Stop by in Thailand for the Songkran Festival, a celebration of the Thai New Year. It’s the worlds biggest water fight: lots of babes, lots of wet t-shirts. We like. Travelling is a must.

2. Skydive

Jump out of a plane at 15,000ft…for fun!


3. Join the mile high club

Why not make your own in-flight entertainment? Climb one-mile above the earth in a jumbo jet and use this combination: one babe, one lavatory, a little stamina and a whole lot o’lovin’. Plane sailing!

4. Take a dive with the sharks

Play kiss chase with a Great White…from the safety of your own steel shark cage. Blow too many raspberries at this hungry beast and you might just find your luck runs out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Experience weightlessness!

If you ever wanted to be an astronaught when you were a kid this is for you. Hop on board a specially modified Boeing 727 and off you go. It’s that simple!

6. Experience some serious thrill

Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster! Kingda Ka, at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, travels at a stomach wrenching 128mph. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

7. Get fit…

…by swimming the length of the world’s largest swimming pool in Chile. Cool off in 66 million gallons of man-made saltwater so crystal clear you can see all the way to the bottom of its 115-foot deep end. It’s so big it makes an Olympic swimming pool look like a small puddle. Good luck.

8. Screw the limits

Have a threesome with two smokin’ hot babes. Two pairs of smashing norks for the price of one!!

9. Test the limits

Speed round the Nurburgring, Germany, in a super car! How about the Lamborghini Gallardo? Unleash its 500bhp with just a touch of a pedal; that’s some impressive power. Now go play with it.

10. Carve some powder

Until you try it, skiing or snowboarding is truly unimaginable. Rise above the clouds and make tracks in an untouched blanket of bright white powder. This one will give you white dreams for days on end.

By Matt Chappell