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The Eoin Mason Experiment #1

The Eoin Mason Experiment #1: Pilot AKA This One Was Good Enough to Make it to Air

The first episode of The Eoin Mason Experiment has arrived! Without a theme song because we haven’t found one that suits yet, hooray!

The Eoin Mason Experiment is a show where Eoin Mason (Who was the last of our choices to host) assembles a group of his friends from different industries who have never met one another and, with the help of random questions, sees how well they bounce off one another.

Join Eoin as he attempts the first of his many experiments, with test subjects Laura Dale (@LauraKBuzz), Andrew Jones (@EthanRunt) and Emma Seylwn (@Sel__ByDate) being the first to willingly put their lives on the line for faux social experimental science!
Find out Laura’s plans for if she ruled the world (and how it’d probably destroy the economy), Andrew thinks too much about sexy topless mummies, Emma forgets that Batman and Robin happened and Eoin wonders if this was all a huge mistake. They all learn a valuable lesson in that they can’t change Hitler, no matter the good intentions.
Laura’s got a Patreon that you should totally help fund. Andrew’s got a podcast you should totally listen to. Emma is employed by a cookie place you should totally go to.
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