The Back-Up Plan

While her attempt to jump back into the music industry has not gone according to plan, Jennifer Lopez can be happy that her first movie since her 4 year hiatus doesn’t suck!

But it’s nothing special either. This is very much a Jennifer Aniston/Sandra Bullock role and one that even Katherine Heigl (who I don’t particularly like) would have done well in this film.

So J-Lo plays Zoe. Beautiful, successful Zoe who we meet with her legs in the air as she is going through the process of artificial insemination. There we are told the story of how she is yet to find Mr right and with time ticking away, she has decided to have a baby and go it alone, because obviously despite her beauty and charm she is never going to find Mr Right!

But just as she leaves the doctor she just happens to bump into Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), a kind, wealthy cheese farmer as they get in the same taxi! And then they flirt and something about a penny and you can basically figure the way the film is going to end just from that.

However, there are some rather funny moments throughout this film that makes very watchable, well for a female audience anyway.

There’s the first date disaster, the dog swallowing a pregnancy test, the overly crazy single mothers group who help create the most ridiculous water birth scene I will ever witness in life and just watching J-Lo try and show the emotional rollercoaster that pregnant women go through.

Will Stan be able to stay around with a woman he just met and father a child that isn’t his? Hmmmmmm

Rating: ** ½ (if I can do that) otherwise **