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Ted Cruz on Immigration

The issue on immigration, especially in regards to Syrian refugees, continues to be a dominant discussion for both parties in these presidential debates.

It should be noted that although both parties seem to have a particular stance on the matter (that is, should we allow refugees to come on US border) each candidate has rather different approaches in solving the problem. Senator Ted Cruz has recently published a new ad in regards to the matter.
Ted Cruz has always been opposed on the topic of immigration. For example, in a Texas Senate Debate on March 29, 2012 Cruz stated he wanted to triple size of Border Patrol so it is no surprised that this new ad drawing some attention. Cruz stressed the importance of national security to the extent to which Syrian refugees and ISIS soldiers sound rather synonymous and should be treated on the same level of security.

Now, as we all know, both groups are completely different in many ways. One is a terrorist group and the other are people who are seeking refuge from these very people. In the republican debate, Cruz and Rubio were butting heads on the matter. Both candidates during the republican debate brought up a previous bill that would allow immigrants to obtain citizenship. Rubio was completely for the amnesty bill for as oppose to Cruz who believe such bill should not be passed because terrorists could potentially disguise themselves as refugees and request such citizenship. Although both do agree that our security on immigration should increase, it is important that people who fall under the “immigrant” category vary between candidates.


Do we exclude people who are in need of help and have been positive contribution to the US or do we find a consensus on who can and cannot receive citizenship? Let us know in the comments down below!

Ted Cruz’s Newest Ad


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