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Summer Bod Ready or Rest of Your Life Bod Ready: Which Would You Choose?

“New Year, New Me”  is a phrase all to familiar,maybe if you are a millennial you only recognize it with a hashtag in front of it, but what does it really mean? For a lot of people it means a new gym membership and a grocery cart full of produce, protein, and a promise of being “summer ready” by June.  Many times however we get to September and realize we never reached our goals and with all the holidays swiftly approaching our ability to “diet” falls short. Now  I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but one year I actually managed to get my body in the best shape of my life so I am here to offer a little guidance to help you put that new gym membership to good use and to encourage to keep eating healthy.

Like anything in life maintaining  a healthy active lifestyle is all about balance. You can indulge yourself on occasion, you don’t have to go to the gym everyday, and food doesn’t have to be flavorless.  It is isn’t the fastest way to loose weight, but it is the easiest way to stay healthy.

  1. Drink a lot of water. I carry a large water bottle with me all day that I can refill once its empty. It will help keep you from overeating during meals and snacking too much in between.
  2. Eat slow. Give your body time to digest. I know we are always busy, but whenever I eat just a little bit slower it gives my body enough time to tell me it is full.
  3. Eat a lot. Sounds ridiculous. But eating 3 healthy meals a day and 2 healthy snacks will keep your metabolism going and is better for you than eating big meals when you are starving.
  4. Eat foods you like, but choose healthy alternatives. For example, you can have brown rice or quinoa instead of white or fried rice.
  5. Portion control is key. You can even eat on a smaller plate if it helps you mentally.  The size of your fist is a pretty good judge of how big the portions on your plate should be. Keep in mind restaurant portions are huge try sharing an appetizer and entree with someone.
  6. Exercise. Set appropriate expectations for yourself and a workout schedule that you can maintain without stressing. Working out 30 minutes a day three days a week is usually a  good starting point.
  7. Get an accountability partner. Find a friend that has similar goals and work together to achieve your goals, but also be self-disciplined enough to still workout even if they can’t make it one session.
  8.  Have fun. If you are having fun working out it won’t seem like such a chore. Find a physical activity that you enjoy outside the typical gym environment.
  9. Be consistent. Once you start eating healthy and exercising don’t stop. Make choices that are maintainable long term.

Now lets make 2018 your year to start a new lifestyle. Forget the “summer bod” mentality and if you have any specific questions regarding tasty healthy foods or workout ideas comment below and I would be happy to shoot some ideas your way.

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