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Suits Season 3 preview

The season 3 premiere of “Suits” is rapidly approaching. As the days tick by, more and more details on the upcoming episodes give fans an idea of what’s to come. It’s an enthralling series, so they must prepare themselves. One issue engrained in fans’ minds since the season 2 finale is the faltering relationship between Jessica and Harvey. Fans have suspected a major fallout, and it looks like that’s what they’re going to get.

“Oh my lord, the way those two go at each other in the season premiere is ferocious and relentless,” according to TVLine. “Suffice to say, the chip on Harvey’s broad shoulders is bigger than ever, and he sees right through most every ploy/bit of underhandedness by Jessica to ‘smooth things over’ – and ends the July 16 premiere by revealing his most audacious move yet. But dare I say, the rift between Harvey and padawan Mike is just as formidable – and might only be mended if the latter succeeds in his plan to literally construct a ‘time machine.’

There’s plenty there to chew on, and if anything, it fuels the excitement coming into season 2. Harvey is a loose cannon. It’s expected that he would be caught up in several tiffs with various characters throughout the season, but ‘his most audacious move yet?’ That’s intriguing. Fans know what he’s capable of, so this time around, things could get very interesting.

Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey, recently opened up about what we can expect from his character come season 3. “The British invasion is here. The merger is complete,” Macht said about the upcoming season. “Harvey is not happy. The loyalty issue with Mike is completely destroyed. It’s going to take a lot for Mike to get back on the Harvey team. Lewis needs an associate. He asks for Mike’s hand. The courtship begins because Harvey just lets him take.”

Macht went on to talk about a series of flashbacks that will also be strewn throughout the season, some of which will date back ten years. Fans will see his character, Harvey, as a young buck, trying to prove himself. Although he’s younger at heart and more dependent on Mike, Macht assures that there’s still plenty of Harvey fans know and love. One flashback in particular will feature the younger Harvey on a baseball diamond with his father.

“Suits” will return to USA Network on July 16.


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Ruben Jay
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