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Could There Have Been A Suicide Squad Television Show?

 Could There Have Been A Suicide Squad Television Show?

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By Matthew Green.

Last summer, DC and Warner Bros. released Suicide Squad to poor reviews. Despite a loaded cast and a whole lot of publicity, the movie crashed and burned where critics were concerned. While this gave the movie a bad reputation, the story at the box office was very different. Amazingly, Suicide Squad still broke a handful of records for early earnings, making it a big success.

This has led some to speculate about the possible future of the Suicide Squad characters. Typically when a film with franchise potential makes that kind of money, there is going to be a sequel, prequel, or spin-off of some kind. There’s already news from the online gaming community indicating that there is a new Suicide Squad game in the works. It’s expected to be another Playtech-designed slot reel with movie characters as a backdrop that will continue to build on the astounding popularity of the film. Plenty of other superheroes that belong to sprawling franchises has had their own similar games that have been released to much success.

At this point, most are assuming that a sequel is a given. While there aren’t confirmed details, the speculation tends to be about what the movie will deal with, not if they’re actually going to make it. A couple months ago a rumor hit the internet that Mel Gibson might be directing the sequel (which would undoubtedly help to make it interesting even after the first one’s poor reviews).We don’t know much, but an online game probably isn’t all we’re getting in the wake of Suicide Squad. Expect plenty more from the merry band of anti-heroes in the future.

The more interesting question isn’t what the sequel will be like, but whether there might have been a Suicide Squad television show in the works at some point. This might sound like a strange idea, but the DC-based TV show Arrow actually had to snub plans for a spinoff.

Fans of this show may recall that Harley Quinn was a character back in the second season. But when Warner Bros. put Margot Robbie in the same role for Suicide Squad, Arrow had to alter its plans. Quotes from one star of the show hinted at a certain level of frustration between the show crew and the folks behind the DC pictures. As she put it, DC could have stood to learn a thing or two from Marvel, which has managed to build its shows and films in the same “connected universe.” By contrast, DC and Warner Bros. have decided to have multiple versions of the same characters on TV and on the big screen—most notably The Flash.

Harley Quinn and her fellow Suicide Squad members won’t be coming to the small screen anytime soon, but it’s still fun to think about what might have been. After a massive take at the box office and a surprising Academy Award win, you can bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the terrible team, and there’s sure to be plenty more around the corner.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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