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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Game of the year?

The new Star Wars Jedi game came out last Friday as of writing this and after completing it late last night I can tell you this game is truly amazing. It has so many classic mechanics within this amazing game. The game to me is my game of the year even though it wasn’t nominated for game of the year at the game awards this year.

Everything this game offers feels fresh to me in a world of open-world games that all act similar, this game is truly something fresh. I wouldn’t call this game an open world at all. It is more of a classic legend of Zelda sandbox-style game pack full of cool things to find and fight.

This game acts like a legend of Zelda game in its dungeons, fights like a Dark Souls, and even has the map and layout of a Metroid game. On top of all of that, it’s made by Respawn not EA and tells a truly original story in the Star Wars universe. You play as Cal Kestus a padawan survivor of order 66.

Your goal to bring back the Jedi order through the use of a Jedi Holocron that has a list of force-sensitive kids. You go from planet to planet looking for clues of how to open a vault that holds the Holocron. Cal is such an amazing character who feels like a young man truly conflicted by his past and you can see his struggle to remain in the light side as he fights the Inquisitor. A group of dark side force users in service of Darth Vader to find any remaining Jedi and eliminate them.

The main villain is the Second Sister whose origins get explored in this game but she has actually been seen in Star Wars Rebels along with her fellow inquisitors. This game has so many awesome nods to the main movies as well as the show and even has the voice actor of the Clones Troopers himself back to voice some characters as well.

The story is the most fun I have had with a Star Wars game in years it brings me back to when Lucasfilms made Star Wars game Instead of EA. The lightsaber combat and forces powers are a little simple but it makes it so much better because you really get to feel the weight of fighting with a lightsaber.

Every swing has a lot of power behind it and being able to push, pull, and slowdown is great in combat some of the bosses in this game are insanely hard to but not impossible as I kept dying and dying I never felt like I was losing because I was learning the bosses motions like you would in a Dark Souls game. In a lot of ways, the message of its ok to fail the game carries in its story actually rings true in its gameplay as well.

Everything this game has to offer makes it not only my favorite game of the year but one of my favorite games of all time. I personally feel like this has a great chance of being game of the year. With beautiful worlds, great gameplay, and a story that is truly great this is one of the best Star Wars games of all time.

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