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Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta This Weekend

Until 4 PM UTC on October 9th, a beta version of the newest installment in the Battlefront series will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Promising “nearly triple the number of locations, heroes, and vehicles” as the previous game, the new Battlefront II also brings back some of the systems that made the Battlefront II from 2005 so enjoyable such as different classes and special units, reinforcement resource management, and, maybe the most exciting, the Starfighter Assault mode which takes place entirely in space. While the loot box system for unit and vehicle upgrades is admittedly a bit off-putting, the huge additions to single player in the form of Arcade and a fully fleshed out campaign with a new story that focuses on the fall of the Empire and rise of the First Order are welcome innovations. Best of all, it promises the return of Mos Eisley, which was easily my favorite playable map in the 2005 game.

As an interesting aside, online multiplayer support for the original Star Wars: Battlefront II has recently been restored, and even has cross-compatibility between the Steam and GoG versions. If you can’t wait until the official release of the new Battlefront on November 17th for your Star Wars fix or you just want to get reacquainted with some of the older systems that will be making a comeback, it’s available on Steam for $9.99 and on GOG for $3.99 (it’s currently on sale).

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