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Spotlight On: Independent Wrestler ‘The Living Proof’ Jastin Taylor

jastin taylor

6. What makes you unique, what do you do to stand out from other workers in your area or in general?

I’ve been told that I stand out because I feel “real” to a lot of people.  I’m not in a mask, I’m not a caricature of something, or a stereotype that you normally see.  “The Living Proof” moniker is really about sending the message that your struggle for happiness is worth it.  It’s about setting goals, doing the work, and rising to the occasion. The goal is to motivate others to be “Living Proof” in their own lives.  In that way, my presentation isn’t just something that you forget about when the show is over, but it’s a lesson that you can actually take with you and apply to your daily life.

7. What is your gimmick/character and how did you come up with it?

With me there is no “gimmick” per say.  What you see is what you get.  The same messages I preach in the ring about following dreams and perseverance through struggle, is the same message you’ll hear if you add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  I am constantly doing goal setting videos and coming up with personal “proof pledges” in order to motivate others to keep going out there.  I came up with this persona out of what I felt was a necessity.  I didn’t feel that there was a wrestler, especially a black wrestler, who truly embodies these principles and speaks about them everywhere he/she goes.  I wanted to be that wrestler that not only talks it, but walks it in the truest sense.


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