Sparkle with Isharya

Have you ever wondered what would come from going back to your roots, fashion-wise?  Tartan skirts and perms come to my mind!

However, for sister-in-laws Radhika and Gauri Tandon, sticking to their roots has allowed them to create a beautiful collection of jewellery, as I saw at the recent London Fashion Week exhibition.

Isharya, a combination of their children’s names, is an example of true passion and love going into inspiring pieces of décor.  Inspired by the jewellery of the Indian royal family and jewellery from the early 20th century, Isharya is something that should definitely be on show.

Since the age of 15, Gauri had started designing jewellery for herself, before attending the London School of Economics.  It wasn’t until 2000 when she met Radhika that she turned her hobby into a profession.

With the help of artisans in India, they created new designs and were soon receiving custom orders from their friends and family.  As their designs developed, using their ideologies of making luxurious yet affordable jewellery, they took their products to the jewellery market, where they became popular.

As I strolled past the collection, the jewellery instantly caught my eye.  Not one piece of jewellery was the same, but every piece of jewellery stood out.  It was obvious how the designer’s eastern heritage had inspired their jewellery, as well as their creative and unexpected techniques to create them.  These techniques were picked up from the west.

You will never find anything like this down your local high street.  Isharya have managed to create such show-stopping items of décor that can never be recreated by any other designer.

Collections such as Druzy and Cubist can really make you think twice about how important a single piece of jewellery can be.  This Druzy necklace (see below) is only accessory you would ever need on that little black dress.   It ranges around £430, and it can be bought from Ishraya’s online boutique.

Another piece that really caught my eye was the multicube transparent cuff.   This stunning piece would be perfect with a summer dress, or with any bold colouring.  It ranges just over £400 and is also available from the online boutique.

If you want to see more of the collections, see Ishraya’s website or have a look in Harper’s Bazaar, which is out now.  I’m sure you’ll agree, that these designers are going to be sticking around for a very long time.