Segway-Ninebot creates a La-Z-Boy looking wheelchair

The company that brought you the Segway is now bringing you a cozy looking wheelchair, according to The New York Post. The NY Post states, “Personal transporter company Segway-Ninebot has created the S-Pod, a “safe, self-balancing vehicle” inspired by the Gyrosphere car from “Jurassic World” — and it looks a lot like a mobile La-Z-Boy.”


The new seat, called “The S-Pod”, is designed for for campuses like airports, theme parks, and malls. Some are comparing the S-Pod to an adult stroller.

The S-Pod comes with navigation controls and can go up to 24 MPH. “The seating of the S-Pod offers wide-angle views that provide an expansive viewing field of passengers,” a press release states.

Look for the S-Pod at the CES convention in Las Vegas next week.

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