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Scandal Season 4 Episode 2 Review :The State of The Union

How juicy is this week’s episode “State of the Union”, when one is summoned in life their presence is called upon by a command, message, signal or call. On this week’s episode of Scandal things a get bit chaotic when President Grant is due to deliver the State of The Union address to the nation. With first Lady Mellie still grieving the loss of their son Jerry, she decides to spend the day visiting her son at his grave in pajamas eating chips. Of coarse, some witty paparazzi happened to snap a photo that made front-page news naming her “Mental Mellie “ throughout the nation. This starts to raise questions on how the President is leading the nation and has created doubt among the American people. Like every bit of flash news Cyrus puts together a plan to try to help Mellie get herself together. Nothing like a good Scandal to rock the White House.

Meanwhile Jake decides to get a hotel for “booty calls” and Olivia is not a happy camper. And quote “I don’t like booty calls” is what she had to say about it. Jake responds to her by saying “well I’m not your boyfriend” and shows her whose boss. Of coarse Olivia is the type of women who always gets what she wants and never has to beg for it. Well in this case sweetheart, Jake showed u who runs the show. Jake agrees that he will be around but also mentions he has “things to do” while he is in town. To what mischievous business is Mr. Ballard up to this time you ask? Why getting a “file” that belongs to Mr. Harrison Wright I might add. He figures the deeper he digs the more he will find about how he was killed who is responsible for it.

The keeper of all keepers Cyrus summons Olivia and as usual, blackmails her into helping the President with his State of the Union address by making sure that he has witnesses to help him address the topic of gun control. Introducing James and Lisa Eliiot who were first hand victims in gun control when Lisa saved one of her first grade students on the horrific day at Red Hawk Elementary. She was paralyzed by the bullet hitting her spine and had been advised to use a wheelchair for the rest of her days. This created conflict between the couple who spends most their days fighting until Olivia Pope and her gladiators come to save the day.

This week’s “Winning” award goes to David Rosen for not accepting blackmail from the republican party on stepping down as district attorney general. He shows the Republican Party that no matter what dirt comes up to the surface, he will always be one step ahead. Atta boy David! Meanwhile Abby addresses Mellie and brings her mindset to cope with reality, that like herself many Americans have lost their children due to different circumstances. She tells her to suck it up and show the American people that she is there to support them in the same pain she is going through with her losing her son. It seems like it always take a woman to get the job done right.

Looks like Olivia and Jake weren’t the only ones setting up a “booty call” but none other than Cyrus himself. He is sitting a bar drink some vodka when a lovely gentlemen approaches him and starts courting him. When he invites Cyrus to go home with him, Cy rejects him and leaves. Although he returns later to find the same man at the bar and takes him home. Talk about a Freak in the Sheets people! Little does he know that Elizabeth from the Republican party is setting him up with a high priced escort, uh oh looks like your in trouble Cy.

Towards the end of the episode we see President Grant and Olivia see each other for the first time since she disappeared to the island with Jake. Grant asks the staff to give him and Olivia the room. He begs her to take a look at his speech before he addresses the nation. She corrects him and tells him to not talk about other people’s emotions but to talk about how he feels as a father losing his son to win the American people over. As usual Olivia knows best and Grant is on top of his game again. Is a spark of interest still there or will they be stuck in the friend’s zone for a while? Stay tuned and watch Scandal every Thursday night 9/8 c on ABC.





Written by Jannina Lopez




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