Jim Ross On Why He Left WWE, AEW TV, And His Role In AEW

Jim Ross appeared on The Hannibal TV discussing all things about his pro-wrestling future.

Ross spoke about why he left WWE. He stated that he wanted to be a work horse. He said that in 2018, he was only booked twice and he wanted to do more. Ross’ quote was “I’m a work horse, not a show horse”.

Ross would go on to say that he will be a full time guy with All Elite Wrestling. He laughed off the idea of his contract being the “largest in announcer history”, but said he is very blessed with his contract.

In regards to AEW TV, Ross believes that AEW will be on a weekly schedule on a network. Last week, we reported that Ross thinks that AEW will be on TV this fall.

Watch Jim Ross Discuss His AEW Deal