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RITTENHOUSE ACQUITTED: The American Justice System prevailed

A few more takeaways from the trial….

Don’t talk to the police without your lawyer


This isn’t legal advice. This is just a layman reacting to a high-profiled case. However, do NOT talk to the police without your lawyer present. 

Rittenhouse was accused by the prosecution of hiding something, simply for not answering law enforcement questions. Pleading the fifth and waiting for your lawyer does not mean you have anything to hide. 

The left doesn’t care about justice, they care about the outrage surrounding justice.

If the left cared about justice, they would not be angry with today’s verdict. If the left cared about justice, they would be happy that the justice system worked. The justice system did its job. Instead of rejoicing for justice winning, they are going to use this as an excuse to complain, and even possibly riot. 

The outrage that is soon to come from this verdict is faux outrage and should be seen as such. It is outrage for the sake of outrage, outrage for the sake of progressing their “racial justice” agenda. 

In closing: Americans should be proud of the Rittenhouse verdict. Americans should be praying for Rittenhouse’s safety. Today’s verdict was a win.

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