Ric Flair Recovering From Surgical Procedure

Ric Flair is no stranger to the operating room lately.  He underwent a life-saving procedure in 2017 and had a related follow up procedure today, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Flair had checked himself into a Georgia hospital last August for what he thought were just stomach pains.  Unfortunately, it ended up being much worse.  What he was actually experiencing were both kidney and heart failure, due to years of alcohol abuse.  During that hospital stay, he had part of his bowel removed, as well as an intestinal blockage in addition to having a pacemaker installed.   The Nature Boy was in a medically induced coma for ten days, and given only a 20% chance of waking up.  Thankfully he did, and has been on the mend ever since.

Today’s procedure was to reverse an ileostomy and we can all let out a “woo!” of relief, because it went well and he is recovering nicely.

Flair’s daughter and fellow wrestler, Charlotte, sent out a tweet to let everyone know of her dad’s successful surgery: