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Review: Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

What can I say about the Galaxy far far away and its final story of the Skywalker family that hasn’t already been said? Well after watching this amazing film I can tell you I was not only in shock and amaze at this film’s end but also full of joy and sadness.


But before I go on MAJOR spoilers




Ok, are they gone? So, if this film from beginning to end is an epic thrill ride seriously, I did not feel like I spent nearly 3 hours in the theater when I saw this movie. Every scene had me on the edge of my seat.  While this was Carrie Fisher’s final performance before her tragic death, she left her mark on the Galaxy in such an amazing way.

Seriously I think these were the best performance given by everyone is the new trilogy. I think my favorite performance is Adam Driver as Kylo Ren who in this film you can see his transition from the hate and anger of the dark side to his final return to the light as Ben Solo.

I have to give credit to everyone who made Ben Solo truly feel like a lighter Character. You can see it in the way Adam Driver Performs he was back from the dark side. The next question you might ask is will you cry? The answer if you’re as a big a Star Wars fan as I am someone who has grown up with all these films, shows, books, and games then yes you will cry.

One my favorite scenes is Ben Solo talk with Han Solo where they finally get to reconnect. This scene had so much strength in it from both actors and fulfills Han story he and Leia brought their son home. It also marks Harrison Ford last scene in Star Wars ever and they handle that with the weight it deserves as he says his famous line from Empire Strikes back to Ben “I Know.”

The final battle itself with Rey and Ben vs the emperor was incredible. Having all kinds of Jedi voices to  back up Rey, If you get the time to look up who was talking to Rey in this scene you’ll realize that they brought Jedi from the show as well, which to me really gave the seen the weight it needed because you realize all the stories told in Star Wars all lead to this. This all came together to have Rey finally beat the darkness within herself and in the Galaxy.

There is a great story within this story of Rey’s battle with the darkness and her true nature within the force. I think it worked well with her final battle with The Emperor.

As for Finn and Poe. I think their relationship is one of the best parts of this movie you can tell that both actors are in amazing sync and you can feel the mutual bro love they have for each other. I was always laughing when they were on screen together. All three of them have amazing chemistry together in this movie.

Now C-3P0s Antony Daniels gave what I feel was one of his best performances in the series. He was funny and witty but also to me felt like he was the heart of this movie. There’s a point where he loses his memory to help the others and it was a powerful scene of this droid who has always been there watching the story unfold lose all those adventures. It was an amazing performance.

Now, of course, this movie will always have hate as the whole trilogy itself does. But as I went into the film, I didn’t go in with any other thought then these two it’s a Star Wars movie and it’s the last Star Wars movie. In a series that I grew up, I felt this ending to the Saga was beautiful and really brought this story full circle with the last amazing shot of Rey now Rey Skywalker standing on Tatooine looking at the sunset as Luke once did. With an orange lightsaber I might add that was really awesome to see in the films. While this movie will not please everyone, it left me with joy in my heart and a feeling of content that the story was over. And for me, it will always be with me

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