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Review: Rage 2

Rage 2 is such fun with a great amount to do. If you want to have a fun violent weekend pick this game up.  Something that I loved about Rage 2 is its focus on gameplay over story. The story sets up the bad guy and hits a few beats it has to make sure you know what you’re doing and then basically just lets you into this awesome sandbox.

For those of you that don’t know sandbox in gaming is what we call an open world or level full of a variety of things to do and find.  The gameplay is where it’s at in this game. Seriously I felt like I was playing lost apocalyptic DOOM 4 which is such a great thing. The game is made by ID software and Bethesda.

You can feel that DOOM style that we know in love in the game. It’s fast pace and brutal. There isn’t really a need for cover because you get freakin superpowers as you progress through the game and find arks. Which leads me to something you can’t totally miss half of the guns and all of the powers if you don’t explore, I beat the story of the game still missing a power that I thought would be given through the main storyline and quite a few guns as well.

While this is more on me not looking Everywhere, I feel like at least the powers should have been given through missions just so you could at least play with those. The driving was pretty fun as well I liked driving around and smashing up the convoys in the game with one of the most awesome cars ever the Phoenix, picture Kit from Knight Rider in an APC. The driving really reminded me of driving on the fury road like in Mad Max.

The game also has the Far Cry outpost vibe as well as you are constantly going all over the map just blasting crap up. The story again is just balls to walls insane. I never thought I see a giant mutant monster and DOOM like superpowers and guns all in the same game in a post-apocalypse.

Honestly, that’s all I really have to say about the game it’s super fun and well-paced and the shooting is where the game is at front and center. If you love DOOM and Mad Max do yourself a favor and pick this game. I’d give this game 9/10 for being super awesome with a few bigs here and there.

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