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Review: Journey To The Savage Planet

Last week Journey To The Savage Planet came out and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this game at all. From the cover, it looks to be a wacky colorful game, and that’s exactly what it is. In this game you and a friend (if you have one) explore this mystery planet after your ship lands there’s to explore it. But of course, all as not as it seems because the planet was supposed to be uninhabited and the first thing you find is a massive tower your mission is then change by your very weird boss to then find out what is in the tower. Which by the way in your home base you can watch a really weird set of commercials where they are all done in live-action your boss as well is real actor in the game it is very cool and weird.

So, that’s the main story overall not a lot going on there but you do get a funny A.I. named echo to come with you on your adventure and if you don’t like her you can just shut her off altogether. There are all kinds of weird aliens for you to see on this planet, the main ones being pufferbirds which are very small alien-chicken-eye?- monsters. Point being they are funny looking and spread all around the map as well as a bunch of other aliens monsters to shoot with your laser gun. There is also a ton of crafting in this game with each upgrade you craft being able to take you to new areas in the game. The game is in first person but also has Metroidvania style to it when it comes to locating new upgrades to then craft.

There is only for maps in the game including the tower itself but each one is fairly big and allows you to explore to your heart’s content. Because once you enter the tower beat the main boss which I can’t even try to describe beside maybe just ugly glowing pimple monster, you end up having to make sure you have enough fuel to leave the planet. My advice would be to make sure you find the fuel before you leave the area granted there isn’t too many in each area so it’s not too hard to find at least, but be warned you do have to backtrack a lot to get them because you may not have the tool you need when you first find it.

Speaking of tools one the thing you will be doing a lot of is using your scanner to scan EVERYTHING because remember your original mission is to explore this planet. The tools in this game are fun to play from a prod that lets you get live samples of aliens to flowers that are literal grenades in your hands. There are all kinds of weird weapons, I think my biggest issue is the laser gun takes a while to reload and makes fighting become a little annoying sometimes. But when you die the game tracks it and you have to go and get your loot and if your lucky or unlucky I am not sure you can find your old body and shamefully bury it.

The game isn’t super long either only taking me about maybe 8-10 hours to beat, granted I didn’t finish a lot of optional challenges so the game could probably push 12 hours easy. For $29.99 though that is not a bad deal and the game I feel has a ton of replay value especially for the speed run community, I would love to see how fast players can beat this game using the right gear.

Overall, this game is fun and silly throughout, while it is a little on the short side for 30 dollars I think it is a great deal. With a ton to see and do there is plenty to keep you wandering around shooting aliens and scanning all kinds of flowers. If the lack of AAA releases has you down then look no further for a fun ride to a savage planet.

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