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REVIEW: Foo Fighter’s ‘Medicine at Midnight’ album

As a huge fan of the Foo Fighters, I was extremely excited to hear about the release of a new album, Medicine at Midnight. In a similar vein of thought, as a musician myself I have been eagerly anticipating to see how the events of the previous year would influence the music of different artists. From the first listen of the pre-release track “Shame Shame,” I knew that this album was going to be different than its predecessors.

With the 25th anniversary of the bands debut album self entitled Foo Fighters fresh in my mind, I can’t help but reflect on the bands progression up until this point. From the post grunge era of the late 90s to the alt rock of the 2000s, the Foo Fighters have mastered their craft of rock anthems while continuing to be unique and genuine. So what makes this album stand out?

One thing that grabbed my attention right from the first track and on through the rest of the album was the use of a female choir thoughtfully placed to achieve haunting yet beautiful melodies as well as big full chorus sections such as the albums title track “Medicine at Midnight”.

What interests me the most about this album is it’s ability to be reserved while still driving tracks forward. While reserved isn’t a word I would use to describe many rock albums, I feel that it’s an appropriate description when taking tracks like “Cloudspotter” into consideration. Starting with just a single riff paired up with an accented rhythm track and vocal line that make the song pop and groove building up to a signature Foo Fighters rock chorus then pulling back yet again for another verse. This kind of fluid transition and style demonstrates the bands incredible musicianship and continues to widen their territory in the genre while still staying true to who they are.

If I could highlight one track from this record it would have to be “Making A Fire”. The Foo Fighters have this incredible ability to write songs that are so encouraging and empowering without trying too hard or sounding cliché. With songs from previous albums like “Walk” or “Learn To Fly”, “Making A Fire” is one of those songs that is just speaking right into the human condition where our flaws and fears keep us from moving forward. It’s songs like these that push and compel us to reach ever-greater heights. Medicine at Midnight is a great album for those that have followed the band for a long time and those that maybe are just discovering them.

Check out your favorite streaming platform or head to Foofighters.com to grab your copy!

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