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Review: Dragon Ball Z kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakaort feels like the ultimate retelling of this beloved anime series. That right there could honestly be my whole review of this. But let’s go deeper this was my experience with the game. I had a blast getting told this story again from the points of view of not just Goku but Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta as well. While these are the main characters you can play, we also get to play as Goten, Trucks (young and future), as well as their fusion form of Gotenks.

As you can see just from that this is a huge game that goes over all four of the sagas in the series. The Sayian, Frieza, Android-Cell, and Buu sagas are all here. This game took me about 30 hours to beat in all stopping to do side quest and train to get new skills from time to time as well. Between each Saga is an intermission that allows you to make a party of other characters for you to play with.

While I don’t have to get into the story itself because if you have seen the anime, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. While if you haven’t, I think this is a great start that gives you in a way the cliff notes version of the whole series. However, the most annoying thing in this game and all of these anime Bandi Namco games is the fact that you have to press A or the equivalent on other consoles to get most of the dialogue moving.

Now, I love these games, I love being able to play through the anime’s I’ve watched in gameplay style but why for the love of God can’t a cutscene just go through cutscene without me having to press a button to continue the conversation. Other than that, jarring issue with all Bandi Namco games, I really didn’t have any other problems.

Towards the Buu Saga, I did start to have some random frame rate drops but those would be just for a moment or two. I always found it funny too because It felt the game couldn’t handle Goku’s awesome power. Speaking of power.The gameplay for this is a lot like Dragon Ball Xenoverse so if you have ever played that then you are golden because the gameplay is fast and hard. It mainly boils down to you and the enemy charging up Ki to get off a super move. Which is fun considering how fast you need to be dodging attacks and fighting back. I also love like in any DBZ game that longer the games goes the more Super Sayin Levels you unlock, that always makes things so much more fun because it takes a long time to hit 3 and by the time you do unlock it in the story it feels earned and like Goku did work for it

Overall, my experience replaying the tale of Goku and his friends and family was a great one. That had a few bumps in the road due to some weird choices by Bandi Namco. I loved this game so much reliving these great moments in pop culture was so incredible if you have ever been a fan of DBZ or want to learn more about it then this is the game for you.

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