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Review: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the sequel to Doom (2016) one the fastest pace run and gun shooters I have ever played. This game had what Doom brought back to us when it released and added some really nice new challenges. As well as someone of the most frustrating boss fights I have had in years. The difference between this Doom and 2016 is that Eternal feels much more like an arcade game every new weapon you find is floating in the area. I missed finding weapons that were actually a part of the world like on a dead body for an instant. To me, that felt more organic and less like an arcade game.

While I think these new aesthetics are fun to play around in I also think it took away from what made 2016 Doom so special. While 2016 added a fun new story that I found not to difficult to follow at all. Eternal’s story felt all over the place with really not a clear thread until way into the middle of the game. The game really just throws you into the deep end without a lot of explanations as to how the demons got to Earth, who the Kahn mayker is, or even how the hell Doom Guy got a space ship castle. It felt like I missed a game between 2016 and Eternal that no one told me about. It felt like I was being told your Doom Guy don’t worry about the rest and just be told to kill some demons without the main objective. Doom (2016) was not that complicated of a story but at least I knew why I was doing everything I was doing in that game.

Even more, annoying is that Doom Guy clearly knows all these people even bowing to a, I believe a ghost king at some point as well. While there is a lot of lore you can read throughout the game I very much doubt the average player will do so and will just be as confused as I was throughout the story. I feel like while yes this game is long and fast-paced, maybe giving a little more of explanation as to Doom Guy’s past and what happens between the events of Doom (2016) and Eternal would have made the game a little easier to follow.

Alright with that being said the gameplay is still where this game reigns supreme it is fast-paced and brutal. You in the words of the game Rip and Tear every second of the game, it is a non-stop party of blood and guts and your the guest of honor. There are so many ways to fight with an arsenal of weapons that all feel unique and have vastly different purposes. You even toward the end get a giant red sword that can cleave even a cyber demon in half with one swing. It does have an ammo to it though so you can’t just use this the whole time. Eternal combat is what feels like it has progressed the most and took what 2016 did and added new elements to it instead of changing it outright.

Be warned though this game is hard I played on normal and was getting kick around by demons non-stop and I’ve played ultra nightmare before. I was shocked by how certain areas were so brutal and had zero chill. The games boss fight especially the Kahn Mayker is now one of my most hated fights ever of all time. It was hard and brutal for me at least, but there was a great sense of accomplishment after beating any of the hard challenges or bosses. Rot in hell Kahn Mayker. There is also a ton of platforming in this game that really feels like it didn’t need to be there and be as difficult as it was in some places. I love platforming games you can see my review on Ori and will of the wisp to know how much I really do love it. However, in a game like DOOM where I want to kill demons and look good doing it, adding platforming was not a necessity at all. I admire Eternal for trying something new but I don’t think it works that well at all.

Overall my experience with Doom eternal was such a mixture of I’m going to break my controller and this awesome, that I didn’t expect from this game at all. What I thought I was getting was more DOOM (2016) what I got was something that felt 2 steps forward but 1 step back. I wish they would have tried to make a story with much more ease of understanding and not force me to read lore for an hour to understand what is happening. Doom to me is running and gunning there was never a need for platforming on such a grand scale in this game. While I had fun, for the most part, I would recommend playing Doom (2016) before you go try eternal out.

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