Review: Days Gone

Days gone is honestly a game that had a great idea but with poor execution. I had so much fun in the opening hours of this game it was really a lot of fun to play. Then as you get closer to end of the game even in the middle you can start seeing a lot of issues. From audio that is unsync to asset literally not loading in until the last second, it’s full of issue. But inside all of that, there is I believe a really great game.

I just finished the game and it’s roughly 30ish hours. I really love this game the characters are awesome the gameplay feels that of last of us in an open world.  I think the idea of this game however just couldn’t live in the restriction of the game itself. It had so many framerate problems to start off. I can’t tell you how many times I’d hop on my bike and start driving for the frame to literally go to a stutter.

The horde and overall way freakers work in the game are really interesting and fun. Freakers are what people call the zombie is this universe. Which I thought made them a little unique. If you made to much noise during a fight then freakers would actually come in small packs to look around so it would add something new to the fight.

The story is the best part at the time. The characters are what really make it feel alive. Deacon St. John is voice and motion cap by Sam Witwer and he is known for a ton of stop the voice of Darth Maul in the Clone Wars and he’s always Starkiller in the force unleashed games.

He is one of the best characters in the game next to Boozer, Sarah, Iron Mike, and one of my favorites Rikki. I think all of these characters bring something to the table and add life to the game. Everyone at Iron Mikes camp are some of the best characters in the game.

Speaking of camps each one has its own currency of credits. Basically, you could have 3000 credits at one camp but have none at another. Doing jobs and bringing bounty’s in help get more credits. This idea I liked and hated because if I fast travel to a camp and was out gas and didn’t have the credits at a camp, I really don’t go to then I was screwed. While this only happened to me once it still sucked and wasted time looking for a gas can that was nowhere close to the cam.

Graphically the game looks really. The open world has much to explore and do. Some of my biggest issues came from a cut scene that would lose the audio sync and throw it off completely and ruin important moments. Something that bothered me was when main characters like Deacon or iron mike gave speeches, they would add this lame crowd cheering thing in the background that honestly just took me out of the scene and had me laughing at the dumb they were saying.

From the gameplay, it is such a solid game and has some really fun gunplay and melee combat. Riding on the bike that always needs gas is actually really fun. My biggest complaint is it runs through gas insanely fast and it gets damaged on almost anything but it still so much fun to drift in and speed down the abandoned freeway.

Overall, this is a very fun game within a hot mess of video game. I think if it is given enough love and attention it could become truly awesome.  I’m giving this game a 7/10 for being a fun game that with a rough framerate amongst a bunch of other technical issues could be a truly awesome game in Sony’s line up.  My best advice gives the devs a few months before picking it up.

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