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Review: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time

In the words of the game itself its about time! Crash Banidcoot 4 is without a doubt the best Crash game that has come out. It felt worth the wait to me, from new mechanics to a great return to 3-D Platforming. The game is so great but be warn this game is a real pain sometimes and by that I mean it can just be difficult. So let’s get started.


The game levels are varied and nothing in those level felt under used at all. The games works like most platformers the longer you play the harder it gets. With levels that take all across time and space from apocalyptic wastelands to giant space station! I loved that this game just had so much color every it was so vibrant. And this game has plenty of levels to play as well even levels where you play as other classic crash characters! The levels also offer and inverted mode that gives players the chance to to see basically and instagram filter over the level with small changers hear and there like coloring the level as you go. This is by the far the weakest part of this game.


This games brings back the classic spin and jump feel of the old games and as a plus this game gives you all the normal abilities the Crash has. ¬†Which means you can slide, crouch, and double jump from the start! The four new masks bring a whole new level of fun to the game as well the four new mask offer the ability to: Shift dimensions, use dark matter spinning, slow down time, and change gravity. They never felt like gimmick or overuse to me either, they would come in certain parts of levels and then leave after that area. So, each level gave you plenty of time to just play the game and use these new masks as they unlocked. The game also has a way to play it with lives or a death counter these modes are called Modern and Retro. It gives gamers who aren’t as good at platforms a chance to play as well even then the game can super difficult. It is just nice to have the option to change how hard you want your life to be as you play through the game.

Playable Characters

Crash 4 offer not only Crash and Coco to play as but Twana, Dingodile and Neo Cortex as well! Each having their own skills sets minus Crash and Coco who are the default characters. Twana uses a grappling hook to move and smash crates from a far. While Dingodile use a vacuum gun that reminds of something Ratchet and Clank would use, this gun allows you to hover and such of TNT to shoot at other objects and enemies. While Neo Cortex and a ray gun that turns enemies into blocks! One a solid block and the other a bouncing block, he also has the most annoying dash to control. Each offer their own sets of levels to play as well that are a ton of fun to play. It was such blast playing as some of favorite bad guys from the series.


The story reminds me of a early 2000s ¬†Nickelodeon Saturday morning cartoon even having Invader Zim himself Richard Steven Horvitz voice one of the new mask in the game. While the story wasn’t the most important part of this game it was so much fun to see everyone back together. The story had a ton of jokes and references that were pointed towards what felt my age range making jokes about the older games. Which made it even funnier when they completely wipe out the old series of games by saying they have only fought Cortex 3 other times. It felt like being in inside joke with a game.


Overall, the game is amazing return to the series and felt like it paved the way for more sequels and I am hoping that this means we can see more 3D platform icons return with new games like Spyro. Only time will tell with that though. For now this game is challenging and fun, and offers players a ton of stuff to do. Without having to pay a huge amount of money for DLC or mircotransactions everything you see in the game you earn in the game. I loved the game and can’t stop playing it trying to new modes and racing for relics. I give this game a 9/10 for being a wonderful return to a classic platforming series.


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