Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoilers)

First off, this is way off of what I normally write for multimediamouth but I adore Superhero movies so much and this is most definitely the biggest in history. 22 films 10 years all leading to this moment the endgame.  I wanted to review the movie and basically just talk about what I loved about it.


Seriously don’t go ahead if you haven’t seen the movie.

Last warning!


Seriously do not look

Ok so Avengers endgame is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, I love movies and I’ve seen all kinds but nothing to me has ever had a buildup and ending like this.Endgame answers so many questions and brought forth a few new ones as well. It’s truly something I’ll never forget. I have nothing negative to say about this movie except could it have been longer!

I laughed, I feared for the lives of these characters, I cheered for them, and let me tell you one thing you will cry a hell of a lot. There were 3 major deaths Black Widow, Thanos, and the worst of all them was Iron Man.  Each was handled so well and with such care.

To me, Thanos really shifted from the character he was in the last film, to me he became more of the Mad Titian he really is, over actually understanding his reasoning. He felt like a more ordinary villain for the MCU than in the last movie.

One of the biggest twists is there is a 5-year time jump. So, you really get to see people be affected by what happened in after the snap. Black Widow runs most of the operation around the world while looking for Clint who lost his entire family at the beginning of the movie.

Clint became Ronin in the movie and it was an awesome and sad thing to see, we see him lost and in pain and killing evil people. He started killing people because he figured why did they get to stay and he loses his family.

jump over to Thor and oh yea Thor got fat in the time jump, truly a funny and weird moment for me is seeing Thor with a huge gut. This made me laugh so much I truly thought this part was funny and you really get to see how far Thor has fallen as a character. Since he really was able to clearly stop and think about everything he had lost over all his movies.

Iron man and pepper had a child within that gap as well and they are living a normal happy life. Until Scott (Ant-Man) comes out of the quantum realm after for him only being in there for 5 hours, not 5 years. As you know Wasp, Hank, Janet all got ashed as well. This is where the story really picks up steam again after the beginning. The movie has a movie within it because they figured out the only way to bring everyone back is to use the stones again but they are destroyed by Thanos.

So, they basically go on about an hour of the film adventures back into to the other movies where the stones have appeared. This was one of my favorite parts in the movie because we got to see a whole bunch of classic parts from older MCU movies.

The movie had some amazing one-liners, and the two major death were very important. Black widow sacrifice felt right to me; she paid her life to Clint for her saving her life so many years ago. To me that brought their story full circle and really made a major impact on what was happening.

The most important death in all of the MCU was Tony Stark, a death I hope wouldn’t come but kind saw it happening because of how much a comic fan I truly am. Tony last words were the same words that started it all “I am Iron man” he put on the infinity gauntlet and snapped his fingers and saved everyone and killed Thanos as well.

Tony death marks an end to the old guard and a chance to start new in the MCU. It felt so right to see Happy Hogan, played by Jon Favreau talk to Tony daughter about cheeseburger at Tony funeral. Because that is where the story began truly was with Him directing the movie and he got to be there at the beginning and at the end as well. 

Thor, I feel will be back as he left new Asgard in the hands of Valkyrie and went off with the newly unsnapped Guardians for the Galaxy. So, I feel like Thor May have a new part to play with them which I’m excited about.

Captain America had a major impact on me as well as he went to put the stones back in their rightful places as Steve left and went missing an old man appears on a bench. It was Steve old; he went and lived his life with Peggy and he passed on his shield to flacon. Which to me was the right call. This is a major changing of the guard for the MCU giving Sam the chance to show what he has as the next Cap, it’s also what happens in the comics.

We got to see so many characters stories rap up and so many new stories begin. The greatest part of this movie for me was two scenes when Cap grabs Thor hammer. And when all the heroes who died came back and I mean EVERYONE came to fight Thanos and his Army. That to me was the greatest scene in all of the MCU and truly what these movies were leading up too.

To this epic battle of good and evil and it’s something, I feel like will never be topped. It’s something everyone has to see. Which is why I’m giving this movie a perfect 10/10. Because This was the most amazing fun breathtaking adventure I’ve ever had in a movie before. It was the build-up of so many stories and heroes coming to a beautiful close. This will be the first in what I assume will be a lot of articles breaking down character ARCs for everyone in the film and hints at what’s to come. So keep an eye out for that.  I highly recommend you all go and see it. And to the big man Stan Lee who made all this happen, I say to you all true believer’s excelsior