Regal Cinemas Launches Unlimited Subscription Service

Its here – Regal Unlimited is here and plans to give MoviePass (RIP) and AMC Stubs A-List a run for their money. The new unlimited movie subscription plan was announced and launched last week. For as little as $18 a month, subscribers can watch unlimited movies at select Regals/Edwards Cinemas.

The major difference between AMC and Regal’s services is the amount of movies each service allows you to watch. AMC only allows you 3 movies a week while Regal will allow you to watch one movie a day (similar to MoviePass). Regal also offers 10% off concessions.

At $18 a month, Regal will allow users to see one movie a day at select Regals. At $23 a month, users can go to any Regal in the United States. With MoviePass seemingly shutting down for good, Regal is rolling this out at the best time. Regal has the momentum and possibility of taking MoviePass’ clients.

The race to gain America’s movie-goers business is on!

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