Reevaluated: Star Wars Battlefront II

This week I wanted to do a segment that I’d like to call “Reevaluated”. Starting it off with taking a look at games that got so much hate back when they first launched and have in years since become really fun thanks to the devs endless support.

The game I want to talk about this time around is Star Wars Battlefront II. Oh boy, when this game originally came out all we would talk about is how bad the mircotransactions were. The perks in the game called Star Cards were allowed to be upgraded using real world money.

Basically, if you were willing to pay you could advance from a weakling to a God in just one purchase. It was an insane way of leveling up that felt like a money grubby mobile phone game over a AAA game release.

Since then though, DICE has revamped everything. While microtransactions are still in the game they take the form of being only cosmetic. For those who don’t know, the cosmetic aspect means you can just buy fancy new looks for your characters.

The other thing with the Star Cards is that now the only way you can upgrade these cards is by playing the game. Even then it’s not very hard to do, just play the character or class you want to upgrade and after each level up you can unlock more upgraded abilities.

To add, the game has had consistent new updates by way of adding new content and heroes with a real focus on the Clone wars. At the time of writing they just added Droid Commandos and ARC Troopers to play as in the game, both are insanely fun. The game does have a balancing issue with some of its heroes (mainly Anakin Skywalker) because let’s face it, if you run into a fully leveled up Anakin then may the force be with you.

The game has also added new modes and maps over the months as well, including my personal favorite  being an infection mode called “Ewok Hunt” where the Stormtroopers are being hunted by Ewoks at night on Endor. It’s truly funny as all hell and had me laughing once I switched over to being an Ewok when I was killed. 

The game is nowhere near being the perfect game but having made some great changes to its mechanics and even adding a whole new DLC campaign to the game really gives you a lot to play and see when you buy the game. The game is insanely cheap, running around 24 bucks and free for those of us who are EA Access members.

I highly recommend taking a look at a game that has really tried to be better than what it first started out as and has truly become a fun engaging Star Wars game.

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What’s up guys! One last quick shout out to my editor, Andrea, who will no longer be editing these articles for me after this week. Just wanted to say thank you to her for all the help she’s given me in making these articles amazing!