Pop Daily News: Nicki Minaj Blames Never Winning a Grammy on the Producer of the Grammys, The Police Show Up To Chris Brown’s Home, Offset Shares Footage of Cardi B’s Labor

Nicki Minaj Blames Never Winning a Grammy on the Producer of the Grammys

On Monday Nicki Minaj was asked by a fan why she has yet to win a Grammy after having 4 studio albums since 2010. She responded to the fan by blaming the 2019 Grammy awards producer Ken Ehrilch for blackballing her from being awarded. Ehrlich was also called out by Ariana Grande, accusing him of lying about why she didn’t perform at the 2019 Grammys. Ehrlich reported that Ariana was not performing at the 61st Grammys because she could not pull together a performance set in enough time.

Ariana took to Twitter saying,

“I can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.”

Nicki Minaj tweeted,

“I pissed off the same man Ariana just called out for lying. Grammy producer KEN.  I was bullied into staying quiet for 7 years out of fear. But I’ll tell my fans the REAL on the next episode of #QueenRadio, they deserve the truth. Also, CONGRATS to everyone who won last night.”

Nicki Minaj has been nominated 10 times for a Grammy Award since 2011.

The Police Show Up To Chris Brown’s Home

On Friday evening, it was reproted that the Los Angeles police visited Chris Brown’s home after he posted his address to social media durng his verbal altercation with rapper, Offset.

After the LAPD’s arrival, they spoke with Brown’s security who assured there was no issue. The LAPD requested Chris delete his post to Instgram containing his address.

Chris posted a meme poking fun of Offset, comparing him to the character Pootie Tang from the 2001 comedy featuring Chris Rock. Offset responded to Chris’s meme by simply posting that he would ‘smack the sh*t out of’ Chris when he sees him (see posts below). In response to Offset’s threat,  Chris screenshot him and Offset’s direct messages where Chris invited Offset over to his home to physically fight each other.

Check the posts below!

Offset Shares Footage of Cardi B’s Labor

Cardi B and Offset did a great job keeping the birth of their daughter Kulture under wraps. The couple has only released one photo of their daughter; however, Offset has blessed their fans with exclusive footage of Cardi B’s labor. It has been reported that the video is being used as promotion for his upcoming album and documentary releasing February 22nd. I

Cardi celebrated her Grammy win by not only making history becoming the fiest woman to recieve a grammy for Best Rap Album, but also heard her daughter Kulture say “Mama” for the first time.

Watch the video below!