Outcast Hope: Trailer and Feature

In the past MultiMediaMouth has been proud to help promote the endeavours of Gemma Bright over at Niftihalo Studios as she works to produce a feature length animated film, Outcast Hero. We’re now very glad and very excited to be able to present the prequel to OH, Outcast Hope, an animated short introducing some key characters to the main story. Here is the trailer…

And now you can visit the Niftihalo website and see the short in full! Just click here

Our previous features with Gemma and Outcast Hero can be viewed here, here, here, here, and here!

Outcast Hero is produced by Gemma Bright with Niftihalo Studios. It’s official site ishere and it’s blog here

Gemma’s other artwork from Outcast Hero along with examples from her other projects can be found here. Gemma also produced our very own logo!


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