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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for September 5th


All of the content in this video was created and owned by me, with the exception of comic book covers being displayed for review purposes.

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Fashion Beast #1

Flocks #1

Deadpool #60

Animal Man #0

Green Lantern #0

Action Comics #0

Thief of Thieves #8

Worlds’ Finest #0

Earth 2 #0

Ultimate Spider-Man #14

Stormwatch #0

Defenders #10

Fairest #7

X-Factor #243

Avengers Academy #36

The Boys #70

Swamp Thing #0

Before Watchmen:  Silk Spectre #3

Punisher #15

Invincible Iron Man #524

Hawkeye #2


Zoom out.  Hawkeye #2 tells a fine story and does so with flawless pacing.  Zoom in.  Every page — heck, almost every panel — has something amazing happening, be it a funny aside from Clint or a silhouetted pair of baddies taking arrows DIRECTLY TO THEIR EYEBALLS.  There’s a page where Kate Bishop is saying “Well that’s cool.” while Hawkeye is taking a shot and there’s a tiny panel of her face sounding it out for each letter, to show that the whole process is taking less than a second.  It’s painfully innovative.  I don’t know how much credit Matt Fraction deserves and how much of this book’s style is due to David Aja, because as much as I love the words it comes alive due to the art.

Right after I read it, I went back and read it again.  The next day when I sat down to read more of the week’s comics, I silently wished I was reading Hawkeye #2 again.  This book.  I mean, look at her.  She’s perfect.

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