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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for September 4th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

God is Dead #1

Justice League #23.1 (Darkseid #1)

Infinity #2

Green Arrow #23.1 (Count Vertigo #1)

Satellite Sam #3

Forever Evil #1

X-Men:  Battle of the Atom #1

X-Factor #262

All-New X-Men #16

Quantum and Woody #3

Iron Man #15


I’m mostly choosing which of these fancyshiny books to pick up based on author (sidenote:  this has made the lack of credits on the cover that much more infuriating, as I end up in the shop wondering why I wasn’t planning to buy, say, Harley Quinn #1 (the answer there was ARTIST AS WRITER, RED FLAG) and why the hell I bought Zod and Mongul (Greg Pak and Jim Starlin tend to be rad).).  Buying books by author means I’m picking up books that feed into storylines that I might not care less about.  At the very least, with my very limited sample size of three comics so far (including Riddler #1 from the new week) they have been bland at best and absolutely skippable.  This may not be such a problem if it didn’t mean losing every title I’ve been enjoying from DC for a full month as well (not that I’d want them to release these 52 books ON TOP of their regular 52).  Also, it seems like the titles I care most about lately (say, Batwoman and All-Star Western) aren’t even represented.  Much like the #0 issues last year (and I think we can safely assume there’ll be another gimmick month next September) (and seriously, what is with my dependence on parentheticals today?), this is a whole lot of nothing that could’ve been another normal month and not cut our serial reading experience into pieces.

That said, the 3D covers are actually pretty cool.  They’re blurry headache machines if you actually try to look closely, but at a glance the effect is a beautiful thing!

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