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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for September 27th, 2017

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Rick and Morty #30

Generations: Miles Morales Spider-Man & Peter Parker Spider-Man #1

Infamous Iron Man #12

Marvel Legacy #1

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #23

Black Magick #8

Mighty Thor #23

WWE #9

Archie #24

Lazarus: X+66 #3

Saga #47

Southern Bastards #18

Black Monday Murders #7


Since the Homecoming arc began, Southern Bastards has felt way more padded out than it had to start. There was an urgency to the storytelling that pushed it along at a breakneck pace. It accomplished in four issues what a lesser book would’ve drug out in twelve, and when it was time to tell Boss’ story it did it again. So what happened?

At first it seemed like Jason Aaron was pumping the brakes to add more of the necessary background and supporting cast from the rest of town so he could tell a fuller story down the road. And that’s certainly part of it. But soon Aaron’s name was missing from the front cover and Jason Latour had taken over writing duties. I presumed this was Aaron stretching himself too thin with Marvel commitments and making sure the corporate work got done first, so Latour was killing time until he could come back to tell more of the story.

Now we are getting into the juicy center of the current layer of this story, and Jason Aaron is still nowhere to be found. The story’s still good, and I’d be shocked if the two Jasons weren’t banging out the overall plot together this whole time. But there’s a certain grit and determination to Aaron’s work that has been missing since Roberta Tubb came back to town. That’s fine when we’re taking an issue to follow Materhead around, but the shush is hitting the fan and we need all hands on deck if Southern Bastards is going to cement its place as one of the great comics of all time instead of being another book we were all very excited about for a year.

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