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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for September 19th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Ultimates #15

Spike #2

Before Watchmen:  Nite Owl #3

Ghost #0

Wonder Woman #0

Ultimate Spider-Man #15

X-Factor #244

Daredevil #18

Avengers Academy #37

Justice League #0

Unwritten #41

Walking Dead #102

Spider-Men #5

Fables #121

Batwoman #0


Batwoman #0 did what a good late-told origin should:  it gave you the pieces of the story you already had, but expanded them in a way that made the character more fulfilling.  We knew that Kate loved her family;  this issue used several pages to connect her with her sister and father through the tragedy that shaped them.  We knew that Kate trained to be a soldier to emulate her father;  this issue filled in the gap after she was discharged, when she felt she let him down the most.  We knew she went through extensive training to be a costumed crimefighter;  this issue did an impressive job of showing how extensive, and of making you feel her struggle.  And with all of this information, the falling out between Kate and her father becomes more pronounced, because you’ve lived it through her eyes and in her words.  As it states in the story, this is as much a story of how Kate Kane became herself as it is a tale of how she became Batwoman.  And she has never been a stronger individual in my eyes as she is now.

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