One Word or Less Comic Reviews for September 10th

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Batman: Futures End #1

MPH #3

United States of Murder Inc. #5

Velvet #7

Ms. Marvel #8

Lazarus #11

Powers: Bureau #11

Astro City #15

Walking Dead #131

Hawkeye #20

East of West #15


The New 52 is a really young universe for superheroes. We jumped in about five years after they showed up, and they’ve been running around for maybe a year or two since then. Futures End* takes place in five years. So it’s been about twelve years since the Justice League at this point, and if you factor in Zero Year he’s probably been the Batman for around twenty years.

Now I know this is a dystopian future we’re looking at here, but we’ve got an old, battered, broken-down Batman with a cybernetic spine and a bloodstream full of nanodrugs to keep him going. I’ve read grizzled Batman stories before. I love grizzled Batman. But the idea of Batman being in this state in, probably, his forties just depresses me to no end.

*I keep wanting there to be an apostrophe in that title SOMEWHERE, but there’s not! As far as I can tell, End is not a noun, it’s a verb. And it’s definitely a mess for sure.