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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for October 7th



Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #2

Old Man Logan #5

Powers #5

Siege #4

Contest of Champions #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Codename Baboushka #1

Star Wars #10

Avengers #0

Invincible Iron Man #1

Darth Vader #10

Survivors’ Club #1

Secret Wars #6

Doctor Strange #1

Jughead #1

Paper Girls #1

We Stand on Guard #4

Southern Bastards #11

Lando #5


Every so often I give Amazing Spidey another shot. Every single time it’s been okay but hasn’t kept me around.

Avengers #0 had some good bits in it, but you’re pretty much giving Marvel six dollars for an ad for their upcoming Avengers lineup. They could’ve (and probably should’ve) cut this down to 20 pages and given it away for free.

Invincible Iron Man feels more like a Bendis comic than an Iron Man one, but it’s a good enough fit for now that I’m on board.

Contest of Champions was cute but fruitless. I’m curious to see more fun oddball characters show up, and the British Punisher guy and whatever’s going on with Guillotine seem like a good foundation to build on. Al Ewing has been impressing me since I started reading Loki, so I actually have decently high hopes for this one!

Doctor Strange was very good, but it didn’t gel for me all the way. Jason Aaron has become one of my favorite and most consistently good writers, but I’m afraid this’ll end up like Matt Fraction’s run on the Mighty Thor, i.e. I like Thor and love Fraction but didn’t like them together.