One Word or Less Comic Reviews for October 5th

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Midnight and Apollo #1

Batman #8

Superf*ckers Forever #3

Goldie Vance #6

Autumnlands #13

Shade, The Changing Girl #1

Doctor Strange #12

Champions #1

CAGE! #1

Jessica Jones #1

Paper Girls #10

Walking Dead #159

Clean Room #12


This is something New 52 did as well. They set up an interesting new threat in the first story arc, and the had to jump immediately into a crossover with the other Bat-titles that spun directly out of it. Perhaps if I had the pleasure to read at least one of the other books I’d be more engrossed. Or if it wasn’t such a massive jump from Batman #7 to Batman #8 it wouldn’t feel like I was wasting my money buying Chapters 1 and 4 of a story I’ve barely been pulled in to.

Without the benefit of Detective Comics or Nightwing, it’s just Batman punching big gross monster guys while other Bat-people punch slightly smaller gross monster guys.

Also, isn’t Dick Grayson a cool spy dude now? Did they sweep that away with Rebirth the way they made Red Robin a loser when New 52 launched? If there’s no continuity with the past, how can I care about any of these characters? Do I still like Batwoman or is she different in ways I don’t know about that make her a whole different beast? I know Marvel did the same thing, but outside of the import characters just being there all of a sudden (and/or always were) it seemed like a cleaner transition. It felt like we rejoined with our friends and they had some new experiences to share, not like we made new friends who were also named Jeff so it’s close enough.