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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for October 30th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Cataclysm #0.1

Avengers #22

Infinity #5

X-Men:  Battle of the Atom #2

Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Sandman:  Overture #1

Saga #15


I have been a hair away from not reading Guardians of the Galaxy since the very beginning.  The first issue was a pale reflection of the Point One origin issue from a month prior, already a bad sign and the second issue wasn’t any better.  It was only divine providence-slash-awful shipping delays that caused me to pick up issue 3, as by the time that finally came out the word had spread that Sara Pichelli was going to start by issue 4 or 5.  Issue 3 wasn’t great either.  But what’s this?  Neil Gaiman is going to be involved soon too?  Oh, as a consultant.  Still, there’s a movie coming out next year and I figure I may as well stick around a bit longer.  Maybe this Angela story will finally make the team feel like a team.  Or Pichelli’s art will stop rubbing me the wrong way.  Or maybe none of these things will happen and I’ll buy it out of habit for a while and then stop.

I was not planning to buy this week’s issue.   I’m over $30 deep and the book hasn’t gelled for me yet, not to mention it’s a goddamn crossover tie-in.  If not for the extremely light week, I would’ve let it pass.  But guess what?  Francesco Francavilla’s brasher and sketchier art style shocked me by fitting the action to the tee, and all of a sudden I’m really excited about reading a Guardians of the Galaxy book for the first time since before the first issue came out.

Also this week, I read my very first Sandman comic book, having ingested the rest of the story in collected form.  It was very exciting, but the story needs time to build.  Build away, Neil.  Build away.

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