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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for October 2nd


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Hunger #3

Forever Evil #2

Green Arrow #24

Mighty Avengers #2

Iron Man #16

All-New X-Men #17

Trillium #3

Quantum and Woody #4

Lazarus #4


I’ve determined that beyond the general grossness of Forever Evil’s Crime Syndicate, the biggest roadblock I’ve had to enjoying it has been that it seems to have come out of nowhere and changed everything to a point where it may as well be an alternate universe.  It makes me wonder if reading Trinity War would make me give half a hot crap about Ultraman and his cronies;  right now the story I’ve read is “Awful people show up in a world without heroes and are awful,” and that’s a rotten story.  It certainly seems to be building toward Lex Luthor fighting back by himself with his Bizzaro Superman (and if solicitation materials from August and the Next Issue blurb from this month are to be believed, heading his own Injustice League), which is a far more interesting story than what I’ve read so far.  Perhaps if more of the Villains Month books revealed the motivations and interests of their antagonistic protagonists, rather than just being half-baked origin recap stories, that would have helped me get invested.  Maybe the guy being held captive or whatever the Crime Syndicate are running from will kick this thing into high gear.  There are five issues left to sell me that this is a modern classic and not just a book where Evil Superman snorts kryptonite because stuff being flipped on its head is what passes for good writing these days.