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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 9th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Mother Panic #1

Casanova: Acedia #7

Wonder Woman #10

Lovers in the Garden

Invincible Iron Man #1

Captain America: Steve Rogers #7

Poe Dameron #8

Doom Patrol #3

I Thought YOU Hated ME

Power Man and Iron Fist #10

New Super-Man #5

All-Star Batman #4

Clean Room #13

Universe #5


The interplay between Poe Dameron and Agent Terex is elevating that book beyond the nothing cash-in that it felt like in the first few issues. Terex is the right amount of cold to be cool.

New Super-Man is also finding its voice and has me looking forward to seeing where everything settles once this initial fracas is resolved.

Wonder Woman continues to be properly charming and well-done, and not much beyond that.

Mother Panic has laid a good, solid base of gruffness that I hope it can build something on top of. So far my least favorite of the Young Animals, but it’s in exemplary company and has room to grow.

All-Star Batman is still an almost Miller-esque level of mess in tone, but the story Snyder is telling has begun to transcend the THE GODDAMN BATMANness of it all.

That Power Man and Iron Fist villain reveal. I had given up hope that we’d ever see that guy again. Welcome back from endless limbo, [REDACTED]!

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