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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 30th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Angel & Faith #4

Fables #111

Ultimates #4

Red Skull #5

Spaceman #2

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Vol. 2 #1

FF #12


I’m always a big fan of the unilateral win by the forces of evil in a comic book.  Fortunately for me, Marvel is going big with the Ultimate Comics line this time around, making giant changes to the world stage not seen since Doom took over the world in their 2099 line over a decade ago.  The Ultimates can only truly be interesting if they’re fighting each other, or if they can’t possibly win.  We’ve seen the first scenario, and they’ve teased the second before. I didn’t exactly love the buildup from issue to issue, but now that the groundwork has been laid the way Hickman has built up Europe and China in the past four months is nothing short of amazing.

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